Still here

As of almost 6pm, we're still here. We all went for a long walk earlier. I think we walked all the nearby streets, even a few of them twice. It was drizzling a bit but I didn't care. I wanted to get out in hopes gravity would help. I am cautiously optimistic that I may be seeing some early signs that labor could be around the corner. Granted, sometimes some of these signs happen a day or more before labor begins. But seeing something is better than nothing. I am definitely contracting a lot more today, and even more this evening than I had been. So I am continuing to keep moving by cleaning or picking up around the house, bouncing on an exercise ball and may even go for another walk in a bit. And I'll throw some spicy food in the mix there too! Just keep those thoughts, prayers and labor vibes coming our way!! I will keep you all posted.....

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