Just stopping by to let you all know we are still here, not surprising. It's been a pretty low key day. Too hot outside to really do much of anything honestly. Which is kind've a bummer. I don't like sitting around with nothing to do as my mind starts to wonder and I just feel even more depressed then.

I didn't sleep well last night. I had maybe 2hrs of broken sleep. Since I obviously have time on my hands, I calculated just how much reading I've done the last 3-4wks thanks to my insomnia. I've read 7 books (currently on my 8th book) and total page count so far is 2,062 pages read.

My cousin and her kids stopped by tonight to visit and brought a very adorable gift for Noah. A sweet blanket handmade with his name on it (and some yummy cookies!!) She explained the story behind the blanket, that the lady who made it sells these blankets to raise money for her grandson who has a rare disorder that was found when he was only 4 months old. So this blanket really has some special meaning behind it for a special little boy. Thank you Bethann and Rob for Noahs sweet blanket, we really appreciate it!

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