July 12th

After sulking for a bit when I got home, I laid down and took a brief catnap. During that time, my neighbor dropped off a gorgeous arrangement of flowers, thanks Donna for brightening my day! Also during that time, the kids decided to make their own lunch. They made homemade waffles & homefries. The kids love to cook and are doing really well in the kitchen. This afternoon they made a cake and split it into quarters so they each had their own piece to decorate. And yes, they DO clean up after themselves. They know this is part of the deal, if they want to cook, they also have to do their dishes. :) I was glad they had something to do to keep busy.

I got up from my nap and decide to just ignore the contractions and try to do some stuff around the house. Did some wash and housework. Also, I've been watching a lot of food network while bouncing on the exercise ball, so I was inspired to be creative with my zucchini from the garden. So I made 2 different things with it just for something to do.

We went for another walk tonight between rain showers. I'm still having decent contractions but they are still random. I guess at this point unless something happens overnight, I'll be going back to the OB early tomorrow morning for yet another membrane stripping.

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