Noah's due date!!!

Happy 4th of July!!! I know many of you have said recently you are keeping a close eye on my facebook or here on my blog to know if Noah has arrived or not. is his due date and he is still all cuddled up cozy in there with no signs of coming anytime soon. Not that I am surprised. My twins had to be induced, and my other 2 kiddos were 2 & 3wks late!! But according to the doctors, Noah shouldn't have lived this long. So for him to reach his due date and go late is yet another miracle!!! We have a far greater Physician who has a plan beyond what medical science tries to predict. I admit, it makes me wonder what else is going to happen in the coming week(s) since he has beat the odds thus far.

Yesterday wasn't a good day. I woke up with a tension headache that went back and forth with a migraine. Nothing I did gave me any relief and I am limited in what I can take with medicine. Thankfully it eventually went away.....right before bed, ugh. Unfortunately I only managed about 2 1/2hrs of broken sleep last night. I have read more books these last few weeks than I have in the last few years combined thanks to my insomnia!!

I went to church today with the family. I wasn't sure physically if I'd be up for a lot of sitting, but it worked out. I still can't bring myself to sing during worship, the words are still too hard. And I admit, I had to wonder while sitting there if the next time I'm at church, if it will be for Noah's memorial service. That really hit me. I mean, today is his due date, he is coming soon. Oh to be able to bring him to a church service alive in my arms would be a dream, but I know that that probably won't happen.

Today was low key for us. We really couldn't plan anything not knowing what today would hold for me & Noah. We fired up the charcoal for lunch and grilled a few things. It is really starting to get warm out there and this weeks forecast has me thinking I will be tying ice packs to my body just to make it through the heat!!!!

Here is a pic of Noah & I today as we reached the 40wk mark and his due date. Wow do we have a lot to be thankful for!!!!


  1. Hey ~ this is Karen, Susan's speech teacher at SPRC... I am on vacation for a loong weekend, but have been checking in regularly on here. I was SO thankful to see your blogs on Friday and tonight! I will continue to keep you and the family in my prayers. For now, though, I am so glad to know that Noah is snuggled safe and sound in his mommy tonight :) Hope you get at least SOME sleep! (Say "hi" to Susan for me!)

  2. Thanks so much Karen!!! And Susan smiled and said "hi" also. :)

  3. I'm just starting to read through the days and weeks surrounding Noahs birth. I am realizing I'm going to need to set aside more time...and maybe more kleenex...when I'm done with the kids schooling :) My Samuel's due date was July 4th too...only a different year. He was born earlier though. I had kind of forgotten that date until I just read this post.


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