Happy Birthday Hannah

Well, July 5th still remains to be only Hannah's birthday. Noah stayed all nice & comfy in me. She had a great birthday! This morning when she woke up, Susan gave her a gift that she bought with her own money (the shirt Hannah is wearing in the picture). She also gave her a handmade card and some of her own money, which I had no clue she was going to do. I love how excited the kids get about each others birthdays and how they go out of their way to help make the day special also. The kids and I took her out for an early breakfast which she really enjoyed.

Then for supper, Kevin took her out to the smorgasbord for her free birthday meal. Him being half price as an employee and the fact that it was steak night sweetened the deal! haha They had a great meal together and some special daddy/daughter time.

After they came home, we did cake and gifts which she was anxiously anticipating ALL day!!! She made sure I ate a piece of cake so Noah could have some!!! I was just thankful she could have a special day with no worries. I know a lot of you were praying for Noah to hold off his arrivial for that very reason, thank you.


  1. Jenn, I am only finding your story for the first time today. Happy birthday to your sweet Hannah and praising God for every day he gives with Noah. I found your story because I have a Hannah (and a Joel and a Noel) awaiting us in Heaven and the words "Hannah's Hope" used together in any blog post usually trigger my google notification, so that's how I found my way here. We also homeschool our three miracles still here on earth.

    Many of these resources you may already know of, but just in case you don't and any can be a blessing to you, I'm happy to share.. Some are Christ centered, some are not, but I pray that something here blesses you:






    http://trisomy18support.org (Realizing this isn't your situation, but may still offer some helpful information)

    A recent post from one of my blogs http://hannahshopebook.blogspot.com/2010/05/heaven-born.html

    My ongoing blog about motherhood after infertility/loss http://www.InfertilityMom.blogspot.com

    I am sorry to meet you under the circumstances, but thanking God for leading me to your page. Praying for your family for every moment of joy you still have with Noah this side of Heaven, for the hope of eternity together in the future, and grace for the grief journey you will share together in the days to come. {{{hug}}}

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share! And most of all, thank you for the prayers.


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