Still no major changes. We're still at home. My contractions aren't regular like they were last night. They are anywhere from 5-20 minutes apart. They are at least a bit stronger than last night. I admit I am getting a bit frustrated at how long this is dragging out. I barely catnapped for an hour last night, so I'm tired on top of it all. I was able to take a short nap just a little bit ago. But not much sleep + discomfort & pain =one discouraged momma. I know there are more people out there than I can even fathom praying for us which I really appreciate it. I am trying to keep in mind that there is a reason why my labor is dragging out, but I'm not seeing it yet.

Noah is still having good movements and even had the hiccups earlier, so for that I'm thankful. I have my regular OB checkup early tomorrow morning that I was praying so hard to avoid due to having him. I know a lot can change in a short amount of time and anything is possible. So for now, I guess I have no choice but to just continue to hang in's so hard though, especially with a long, slow labor.

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