I managed to get about 2hrs of sleep before contractions won the battle over sleep. They still aren't consistent but they are definitely stronger and lasting a lot longer now. I was hoping to be in the hospital by this point to avoid my OB appt, but it looks like I'll still be going to it.

The kids have been so great through all this. They are always asking if I need anything, rubbing my lower back at times when I'm having contractions, etc. In fact, I've seen them giving each other high fives & cheering when I'm having contractions!!! They are really excited and keep on top of how close together my contractions are. They're certainly itching to get to the hospital. And trust me, I'm ready for this long labor to be over too. Noah certainly knows how to keep us all in suspense in making his grand entry into this world. I pray he arrives soon as we're all aching to hold him!

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