Another peek at Noah

We all woke up excited today because lucky us, we were getting another "visit" with Noah this morning!!! They are monitoring him once a week via ultrasound to make sure he is doing ok. They are looking for hydrops, which is fluid on his organs that would indicate his health is deteriorating. If Noah's health takes a turn for the worse, they will have to deliver him because his failing health could pose a risk to me. I am praying though that we won't have to worry about that at all. My little man made it this far, he is a fighter!!!

They first checked his organs and they all appeared to be doing great! YAY!!! So then came the fun part of getting to try to see his face via 3D. He is a stinker!!! He had both hands smack in front of his face. She unfortunately didn't start recording at that point so I don't have that image to share, but it was cute! So we poked at him briefly and he actually moved both hands away from his face giving us the first look at his entire face!!!! We all started cheering him on!! The doctor stood there watching us and he just grinned.

It was so great to take in his beautiful face finally. He even opened his mouth giving us a full glimpse of his adorable cleft. I admit, ever since finding out about his cleft, I was nervous about how he may look. But each time I see his cleft, and especially after seeing him move his mouth today, I have fallen in love with that precious part of him. I think in part because it was MY son that was chosen by our Creator to be the one to have been given such a unique body. I may never know why, but I take comfort in the fact that it wasn't by accident, even though it's hard to comprehend that by human standards.

So we enjoyed our time with him, watching him move around. It was neat how I could tell the kids I feel him moving and they could see on the screen just which part of him was moving. I am thankful that they record every ultrasound for us to be able to enjoy whenever we want. In fact, every morning after waking up and making sure he is still moving, I go on my computer and pull up some video clips of Noah and just sit there watching the videos, talking to him as I rub my belly.

The kids talk to him quite a lot lately. They seem to be doing ok. Hannah hasn't cried on my belly in a few days, though I can tell they are all still clingy with me. Well, not me but Noah! They really don't like to be seperated from me right now. Anytime they walk by me, someone is coming over and hugging my belly and talking to Noah. If I am sitting down, someone is right there laying on him, or poking at my belly talking to him. Even though they have felt him move for several months, each movement they feel is still so special to them. Their little faces still get excited when they feel his kicks or hiccups (and he hiccups a LOT!!!) You'd think by their excitement it was the first time they felt him!!! Each night, they come over and rub my belly, kiss it and say goodnight to Noah & that they love him. It is just so sweet!!!

I put together some more video from our visit today. The first part is a profile of his knee, leg & foot. You can see him flexing his foot and kicking me!!! Then it goes into his full face!! At the begining, you can see him open his mouth. Also, he occasionally opens his eyes. When you can see both his eyes, it's obvious it's his left eye that has a cataract. He doesn't give us much time to see his full face until he brings up his favorite left arm. But you can see him moving it and his hand. At the very end of the video, you can see where he gives us another adorable smile!!! Like he knows we are watching him. Makes me think he must smile a lot because we've been able to capture it twice this week. I'm soaking up all those smiles now while I can!!!

We are truly taking things one day at a time. I let my mind wander to the days ahead at one point and it just overwhelmed me to tears. I just have to trust that God will get us through whatever lies ahead, when the time comes. Right now, I just need to be thankful for my beautiful boy who is constantly reminding my by kicking my ribs and bladder, that yes, he is still healthy & strong & full of life!!! Keep those thoughts & prayers coming please!!! They are truly what has been sustaining us each day.


  1. Incredible! Thanks for sharing. Once again I feel like I'm reading my own thoughts! I too fell in love with Olivia's cleft. It was her! She formed that way by her creator and it was not a mistake!

  2. Jenn, he is beautiful. He has so much love coming to him from all of you - from all the prayers.


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