Noah's first Video!!!

Today has been a fairly good day for us. I know it's only because all of you have been lifting us up in prayer and thinking about us! And I am very grateful for that!!! Today was the last day I had my little guy "J" that I babysit full time for, as his mom went on maternity leave. She is due 2 wks before me. The kids were sad to see him leave but I'm sure we'll be in touch. :-) They said they can't wait till both kiddos come back later this summer. Those of you that know the kids, know they just LOVE little ones! We fostered for awhile and they were always so good with the little ones. And even though it's been a long time since the they've left, they still pray for them and talk about them.

This afternoon I went and cleaned a camper and even started working on portfolios a bit!! It felt good to get something accomplished and honestly, this beautiful day helped my mood a lot. It's a lot harder to be sad when it's sunny and 80 out!!

But forget about my day, it's about time I finally posted a video of Noah!!!! If you aren't used to "reading" an ultrasound, let me try to explain it a little and set it up for you so hopefully you can see him better. The picture shows his left arm up in front of his face with his hand near his forehead. The grayish oval is his left eye. Below that, you can see a little bit of his left notril. That "L" looking line coming off his nose on his face his is cleft lip with his lower lip the line below that. You'll see in the video the tech moved her white mouse to point out the cleft, right after that the screen goes black for second. After that happens, pay attention. Noah smiles!!!!!! It's just so amazing to see!!!! He is just so perfect & innocent!! As always, he was active today, bouncing all over and had the hiccups several times throughout the day. Today is his 235th day of life!!!!

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