Mothers Day

Today I was greeted by my children as I laid in bed. They gave me little gifts they bought with their own money and handmade cards. I am truly blessed with the most sweetest, compassionate children. They reminded me just how much I truly have to be thankful for and how much God has blessed me by giving me such great kids. I can only hope this little baby will follow in their footsteps. We decided to just spend the day at home as a family. I had a mix of emotions throughout the day. I was thankful for all that I had yet I couldn't help but be scared of the near future wondering what was in store for us and the baby. I still can't shake the feeling that there is more beyond the cleft that we are dealing with.

Kevin & the kids made me a wonderful late lunch. Steaks, veggie kabobs & marinated asparagus over charcoal. As well as homemade oven fries. They know me....I'm not one for gifts or frills. I love nothing more than something homemade that they took the time to prepare or something from the heart. That means a lot more to me than something store bought.

I am also really thankful for the great friends who I've been blessed with. My homeschool co-op has been such a tremendous support through some tough things we've gone through these last several years.

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