It's finally Thursday, the day before our big appointment tomorrow. This week has just been absolutely dragging. Every minute that passes seems like an hour. I can barely bring myself to eat today. I'm feeling so nervous about the ultrasound tomorrow. I just can't shake this feeling of dread I have.

I'm continuing to research how best to breastfeed if the baby has a cleft palate. Found info on a palate obdurator, which is a plate that is made to fit on the roof of the babies mouth to create a seal. If that's not an option, I could also use an SNS, a supplemental nursing system. I would pump milk then put it into a feeder than runs a tube over my nipple. Basically, the baby would think it's nursing but since it can't create a seal to nurse properly, the milk would go into the babies mouth via gravity. It's a lot more work but it would be worth it for both of us to still have that special bond. I'm still holding a little hope that the baby only has the cleft lip & that the palate is in tact.

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