It's been a week of ups and downs for me. Wednesday we kept busy with 2 speech therapy appointments and other odds-n-ends. Thursday I worked cleaning 2 campers, grocery shopped, took the kids to their last swim class, etc. It felt good to stay busy and be out and about for a change.

Today we had another appointment with the specialist. The checked Noah over and he is still looking good praise God!! We finally got a good look at his full face!!! Normally he has always had a hand by his face, but today it was actually moved for a change. He has such chunky cheeks, just so sweet!!!

It was a different doctor we saw at the specialist this time. He once again said, we'll be lucky if he is born alive or only have minutes with him. This gets SO hard to hear week after week. Because they themselves said they honestly don't know what is going to happen. NO ONE but God knows how much time little Noah will have with us. I understand they don't want to get our hopes up, but I wish they wouldn't be so negative each time. He has made it this far which is further than most little ones like him.

After we were done making sure all was well, the doctor said the neonatologist at the hospital offered to meet with us to go over things. So we headed across the street to the hospital to meet with her. We showed the kids the labor/delivery room and actually sat there to talk with the doctor. Again, she reminded us we may be lucky to only have a few minutes with him. I said I realize that, but we also need to have a plan in place in case be beats the statistics and is stable. So we talked about our wishes and what we would like to have happen if he is stable after being born. There are such a wide possibility of things that could happen and I think the hardest thing is just all the unknowns yet trying to be as best prepared for all the possible scenarios. As hard as this all is, I know that whatever happens, it's in God's hand.

Specific prayer requests right now would be that labor would go well and I could avoid a c-section. I'm a VBAC so they tend to err on the side of doing a c/s if they are in doubt. I don't want to have to worry about possibly being seperated from Noah which is why I hope I can have a normal delivery. Plus, the kids plan to be there, so I know they too hope I can have a normal birth.

Also, if Noah is stable right after birth, we plan to leave the hospital as soon as possible. It would be wonderful if he could have the chance to come home with us!!!

There are obviously a lot more things we could use prayer on besides these, but it would take awhile to name them all. Just continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we would feel God's peace in all we do and the decisions we make.

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