I woke up about 3:30 this morning. I was lucky to even get a few hours sleep as I had been anticipating or rather dreading this doctor appointment. We had a busy day ahead of us and got prepared to be away most of the day as after the doctor appointment, we had our homeschool co-op track & field day. So I packed a lunch and got everything together that we would need for the day. We left the house around 9am as the appointment was at 9:30.

After the way I was treated by the receptionist on Friday, I wasn't sure what to expect today. Sadly, I was very disappointed. We were taken back by the nurse who did all the usual things but she didn't say much. When the doctor came in he too didn't say a whole lot at all. In fact, he had the nerve to ask if I even had prenatal care & he wondered why I was transferring there. I had to remind him that I had been their patient the first 17wks of this pregnancy and then had gone elsewhere to have a homebirth. And that the reason I was coming back was because we had saw the baby had a cleft lip and were looking for help. Again, he didn't say anything, didn't try to alleviate my fears or reassure us or anything. All he said was that I needed to have a level 2 ultrasound and that they would try to get me in this week yet. And then he left. I walked out of that office not feeling any better than when I had walked in.

We headed to the park where we were having track and field day. It was nice to see my friends and be surrounded by so many who cared and were asking how we were doing. I wish I had had answers, but I still didn't. The kids loved seeing all their friends and hanging out with them since it had been 2wks since they last saw them. Hard to believe co-op is done for this school year! I wish I could've watched my kids in all their events but all of us moms help in different areas. I did quick try to make a dash to snap a photo of the kids doing one of their events. I was proud of how well they each did.

After we left there, I got a phone call saying they got my ultrasound scheduled but it was over a week till they could get me in. My heart sank. I knew I couldn't endure that length of time waiting for more answers. So as soon as I got home, I started making phone calls to find another place to get seen sooner. When I called the office in Harrisburg (sister office to where I was scheduled) they just saw a cancellation open up for this Friday at the Litiz office. Thank the Lord!!! Friday still seems like an eternity away, but much better than waiting until next week.

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