I finally got some work done in my garden this morning. I have really neglected it lately between being busy with appointments and just honestly, lacking motivation. But it was a cooler morning out and overcast so it was perfect outdoor weather. I spent 2hrs just picking strawberries. Yes, I have a huge patch. And that's a lot of squatting for being 8 months pregnant! haha It's a good thing my legs are in shape from bike riding. I guess I better start getting creative with all these strawberries. I still have a few I didn't use from the other day. Our freezer will be stocked with lots of jam and whole berries for smoothies too.

I then continued to weed for the next 2 1/2hrs. I'm still not quite caught up, but it looks a lot better. I was happy to see I have a lot of green tomatoes so soon I will finally have fresh tomatoes. The kids also discovered our sugar peas are coming in!! I love having a garden and all the freezing/canning I do from it.

We then went to a friends 13th birthday party at the Rec. The kids got to spend time swimming which they really enjoyed. I would've loved to have gotten in the water, but I think me floating around in a tube reading my book would've looked strange. Because that's all I felt like doing if I was getting in. My tired body wasn't up to swimming.

After we left there, we headed to my brother Mark sister in law Katies house for supper. It's always such a treat having someone else cook for me!! The kids had fun playing with their cousins and driving uncle Marks riding lawn mower around the yard. Then they played kickball w/uncle Mark, or more like chasing the ball he kicked over the house! But it was a nice evening out!

Overall, today was a pretty good day. Noah was still just as active today. Though I think he was glad I wasn't eating wasabi like I had last night. haha I had some sushi and since I love spicy food, I ate a lot of wasabi with it and he wents nuts afterwards. Either he was telling me he really liked it or he was trying to tell me to quit eating that crap!! ha I love you Noah!!!!

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