I managed to get a few hours sleep last night. I got up at 4:40 to start setting up for the yard sale. I was glad I had something to do today to occupy myself. The yard sale went great, except for that brief downpour we had. It's funny how you never notice certain things until you are faced with dealing with them yourself. I bet I saw at least 6 different people who I could tell were born with cleft issues. What are the chances of seeing so many people like that right after finding out your own child will have one?? I admit, seeing those people made me tear up. I mean, I could see they are fine. But knowing what they had to go through, probably several surgeries and who knows what else, was hard. Knowing that my baby was going to face those same things in the coming months and years.

On another note, we went through about 310 hot dogs at our sale today! WOW!! In addition to that, we sold completely out of 4 cases of soda and a case of water. It was a long day on my feet though.

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